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August 01, 2007

Agile Web Development with Rails : The book

After reading the pickaxe book on Ruby, I moved on to reading the book "Agile Web Development with Rails". The book should be the first book you should read when you are gearing up for Rails and you better buy this book because you are going to read that book until all the pages are torn. Every now and then you would turn back to the book to get more information.

However, the book should be read from back to front. Yes, it first lets you jump start on creating a web application using rails. But when I went through it, I just read it like a fiction. I am not that sort of a guy who starts reading the book while having a computer next to him and starts working on the sample application. I am kind of a guy who wants to know the internal details first and then start writing the application. I don't know that's a good way to read a book or not. But that's how I am.

So I was kind of getting disappointed while going through the creation of the "Depot" application that I was not getting enough information about Rails. But when I started reading Part III (Rails Framework), that's where I found the book to be interesting and worth reading. And I can tell you this for sure, you better read every chapter in Part II more than once. Because there is so much information on each page that it would be hard to grasp everything on one read.

This is the only book that is needed for Rails! 

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